Monday, December 7, 2009

Top 10 Reasons We Choose Waterlox

1. Waterlox brings out a natural beauty in wood that looks "hand applied" and Old World.

2. Waterlox is is easy to apply.

3. Waterlox is easy to touchup

4. Waterlox is easy to maintain, repair, and recoat.

5. Waterlox is 80% Tung Oil
(a renewable natural resource).

6. Waterlox does not darken, harden, or peel like many common finishes.
Waterlox does not form a "plastic" film on the wood surface.
Waterlox is not prone to show "whitish" scratches like most polyurethanes.

7. Waterlox is a superior alternative to polyurethane.

8. Waterlox offers superior adhesion to
Brazillian Cherry, Ipe, and other exotic hardwood.

9. Waterlox is the best performing finish for
Clients with Hardwood Floors and Dogs.

10. Waterlox has been serving woodworkers and craftsmen for over 90 years.

Waterlox Discussion Doug Wilson

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